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what the what? new expansion with new jobs?  geomancer? crazy-sauce!

tip of the cap

Relicbane, Jun 14, 10 8:59 AM.
Exceed Your Limits: Level Cap to Be Lifted! (06/11/2010)

As previously announced at VanaFest 2010, the impending version update will usher in the first stage of the long-awaited level cap increase! What factors led to this monumental decision? What implications will it have for adventurers? Today, we would like to take the opportunity to address pressing questions and concerns about the latest major evolution to hit Vana'diel.

Q: What inspired the decision to increase the level cap?
A: With the cap set at level 75 for quite some time now, a wide variety of monsters, equipment, and game content has been introduced over the years for players who had reached this limit. With such content having been fleshed out to the development team's satisfaction, it was deemed that the time was right to usher in the sort of new challenges that could only come with the ability to achieve higher levels.

Q: What changes can we expect to see after the cap is lifted?
A: Beginning with the upcoming version update, the level cap will be gradually increased to an eventual maximum of 99, with new job abilities, magic spells, weapon skills, and equipment to be made available at these higher levels. These additions, as well as refinements to existing abilities and spells, will focus on preserving and strengthening the unique roles that each main job serves, while increasing the tactical options available to each support job. Needless to say, new game content will also be introduced that will demand every onz of adventurers' newfound might.

Q: What specific changes will be implemented in the coming version update?
A: The level cap will be raised to 80, and new abilities, magic, weapon skills and equipment for players up to this level will be added. Level restrictions placed on certain areas will also be removed, creating additional high-level battlegrounds for players to explore. The level cap increase will also result in a number of existing skills becoming newly available to support jobs, with a few exceptions and adjustments to preserve balance and ensure that main jobs do not see their thunder stolen.

Unusable by Support Jobs
- The white magic job abilities "Afflatus: Misery" and "Afflatus: Solace", and the ninja job abilities Yonin and Innin will not be available to support jobs.
Usable by Support Jobs, with Altered Effects
- The ranger job ability Shadowbind will be subject to an accuracy check, with a miss generating no effect.
- The scholar job abilities Accession and Manifestation will triple (rather than double) recast time for the spells used.

a little update before its back to moving...

Relicbane, May 28, 10 9:38 AM.
From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
New Trials (of the Magians) Await Ambitious Adventurers! (05/27/2010)

Are you one of the many adventurers longing to further augment your equipment with marvelous moogle magic via Trial of the Magians? Then you'll be heartened to know that additions and refinements to the system are on the way!

New Weapon Trials

The impending version update will usher in new trials allowing adventurers to take weapons already augmented via prior Magian accomplishments and enhance them further. Needless to say, new trial sequences for relic and mythic weapons will be included among these.

Adventurers will also find new trial varieties available, such as those affording the opportunity to power up one's weapon skills.

These additions are only the tip of the iceberg, however, as future updates promise to unveil the most challenging and rewarding trials yet. It will take every onz of courage and persistence at your disposal to upgrade your weapon to the limit of its capabilities, but rest assured that the prize that awaits you will be worth every step of the journey.

The Miraculous Magian Spectacles

Another addition will be a new item, the "magian spectacles," which may be purchased from the Magian Moogle for a nominal fee. This handy tool will aid in your trials by summoning a Magian trial log to your side, allowing you to review your progress from dungeons or afield.

Trial Objectives Revisited

Certain trial objectives have been reevaluated and will see target quotas reduced among other adjustments. You need not fear if you've already embarked on a trial, for these changes will also be reflected in trials underway at the time of the update.

Its good they're raising the area's levels, i guess.

Relicbane, May 24, 10 11:06 AM.
From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Chains of Promathia Areas Unfettered! (05/24/2010)

The next version update will usher in a change of Twilight God proportions with the lifting of level restrictions in Chains of Promathia areas. Tweaks bound to further enhance your adventuring experience in these areas are also in the works.

The upcoming version update will see the lifting of level restrictions in Chains of Promathia areas. In light of the planned level cap increase, the level and distribution of enemies in certain Promathia areas will also be adjusted to pose a worthy challenge to players level 75 and beyond. A journey of rediscovery to your favorite areas of old awaits!

Level restrictions will be lifted in the areas below:
Pso'Xja / Promyvion - Holla / Promyvion - Dem / Promyvion - Mea / Promyvion - Vahzl / Phomiuna Aqueducts / Sacrarium / Riverne - Site #B01 / Riverne - Site #A01

Promathia Missions

Level restrictions imposed upon mission battlefields will also be lifted, making the Chains of Promathia missions more accessible than ever before. Adventurers who have yet to delve into the dark secrets of the Twilight God may now proceed with easier hearts!
*No changes are being planned for the storyline or mission progression. Level restrictions will remain in effect for ENM quests.

Can't wait!

Relicbane, May 20, 10 7:38 PM.
Wings of the Goddess Nation Quests: The End and Beyond! (05/20/2010)

The upcoming version update will see the highly acclaimed Wings of the Goddess nation quests reach their climactic conclusions. What does fate have in store for the heroes and heroines of the three nations as they continue their struggle in the Crystal War? Your presence may well prove to be the weight that tips the scales in favor of the children of Altana!

San d'Oria: A Snowswept Reunion

Against insurmountable odds, Excenmille and the Knights of the Cardinal Stag have prevailed in their bloody clash with Doggvdegg and his notorious Bloodwing Horde. But in the wake of this momentous victory comes disturbing tidings: the fallen Count Aurchiat has returned from the grave! To uncover the truth behind this unsettling rumor, you must venture back into the heart of enemy territory. The plucky Young Griffons will be relying on your watchful eye and dependable sword arm more than ever before as they continue their peril-fraught journey on the road to adulthood...

Bastok: The Enemy Within

Republican hero-turned-traitor Klara Bester is on the lam after her latest vicious attempt on the life of the president, leading Volker and the Mythril Musketeers to the heart of the enemy stronghold in pursuit. After arriving at Castle Zvahl, events take yet another ominous turn when an encounter with a demon hints at still darker secrets in Zeid's past. Can the former Darksteel Hurricane redeem himself for his bloody deeds, and reclaim his friend and captain from the clutches of evil in the process? The brave Bastokers are counting on you as they come face-to-face with the deepest shadow...

Windurst: At Journey's End

Having successfully averted its fate of destruction through the sacrifice of two great sorcerers, the Federation of Windurst stands on the verge of victory over its bitter foe, the Yagudo. Lehko Habhoka and the Mithran Mercenaries strike out on a final offensive against Castle Oztroja, only to be shaken to the core by the horrific scene that greets their arrival. The Great War has left deep wounds, but its heroes press on undeterred. What is the vision of the future for which they fight? Remain true to your friends until the last, and as night gives way to dawn, all will be revealed...

update news

Relicbane, May 16, 10 5:48 PM.

New Version Update Announcement! (05/14/2010)

We are pleased to announce that our development team is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XI version update, which is currently on track for a mid-June release.

This update promises to be a momentous one, with the first level cap increase in over six and a half years, and a veritable slew of new equipment and weapon skills to accompany it.

But that's not all! Adventurers across Vana'diel can look forward to experiencing the climactic conclusions of the popular Wings of the Goddess nation quest storylines, braving the eerie environs of the new Walk of Echoes area, taking up the gauntlet with new Trial of the Magians trials, and much more! With a host of job adjustments and other refinements on the way as well, this update is sure to offer something for players of all stripes.

As always, detailed previews will be forthcoming right here in the Topics section, so keep watching this space!
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